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Giving Nature Space to Recoup

Manx Shearwater Puffinus puffinus taking flight from sea

Manx Shearwater Puffinus puffinus taking flight from sea

By Adrian Kupferschmied

I grew up on an age where it was taught that nature was an entity that needed to be conquered, dominated, and tamed.  Humans were perceived as fragile entities that were no match for the all powerful Mother Nature.  Our capacity to contaminate, modify and use our environment seemed tiny in comparison to our seemingly large planet…trying to dye the sea with a drop of ink.

How my perception has changed!  That drop of ink has, indeed, been capable to dye all the seas.

I don´t believe my plight is unique:  after a lifetime of pursuing business, adventures, family and travel, you realize that your input into environment care has been minimal!  Our work towards what is, possibly, the most important challenge we face today, has had zero impact.  This is a sobering, humbling realization.

I do believe we all have much to contribute, not only in our daily routines, but in voicing the problems, pointing out the contaminators, searching for new solutions, and using technology to help nature instead of fighting it.

My new enterprises are all ecology minded:  business is not, and it has never been, at war with preservation.  Let´s look at this era as one of me most challenging and exciting period of humanity!

Adrian Kupferschmied